About Me


I am a freelance web professional offering my services in web design, web development, and digital marketing.  As a lifelong entrepreneur I understand the importance of digital content in growing a brand and a successful business.  I enjoy helping small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their web presence and make money online. I aim to provide my clients with the best solutions for their digital needs.

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Education and Training

The fast pace of innovation in the web industry requires constant learning to keep up new technology and trends.  As a lifelong learner I am always researching new technology and working through online courses to develop my skills.  I enjoy working in multiple disciplines and learning new skills in design, development, and digital marketing.    I hold a professional and continuing education certificate in full stack web development from the University of Washington.

Technical Skills

Languages: ​HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, PHP
Libraries & Frameworks: React.js, Express.js, Jquery, Bootstrap, Materialize, Ant Design
Databases: ​MYSQL, mongoDB
Other: ​API integration, SEO, AJAX, AXIOS, WordPress, Wix

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